Cost Structure


The costs explained

The cost structure explained here covers our web ordering solutions but non e-commerce web projects will still follow a similar structure. The actual scope of an individual project will depend on the requirements defined by you.

There are three components to the costs of a web ordering platform:

Development (one-off)

What's this?

The development cost is a one-off investment for building your customer-facing web ordering solution, which is built on top of our proprietary core web and commerce software platforms. Every project is different, but it will typically include:

Development. Software development and configuration for functional requirements.

Server and domain configuration. Things like domain name registration, SSL security certificate procurement and installation, server configuration.

Adding your content. This consists of system design, initial batch of products, prices, product images, contact info, other web pages etc.

Search engine optimisation. If you choose a system that you want to be found in Google, we ensure that it is constructed in a way that is favourable for optimisation on search engines. This includes creation of Google sitemaps and other SEO considerations.


Ongoing maintenance and licence (quarterly)

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Licence fees are regular charges for providing our services to you. This covers the costs of maintaining our server infrastructure and our software. The licence fee covers a number of things related to providing your services, including:

Server infrastructure. Expenses related to running and maintaining our server infrastructure, which is where your web system is living.

SSL certificate renewals. Procurement and implementation of yearly security certificates.

Software maintenance and version updates. Maintenance of and ongoing development of updates to the web software platforms which your solution is built on. Our software platforms are constantly evolving with improved security, new features, performance upgrades etc. These updates are rolled out to your system on an ongoing basis to ensure your solution is always state-of-the-art. Updates are always under development for both the customer facing software platforms and the site administration platforms.

Research and development. We invest in research and development to ensure we can always offer new and innovative solutions to our customers.


Optional service and maintenance package (monthly)

What's this?

These packages are required for our enterprise customers but many smaller businesses find this very cost-effective as well.

You manage your web ordering system from a comprehensive online administration interface. You can change many settings, create campaigns, and add or edit products and web pages in real-time.

While some are keen to get their hands dirty themselves, others prefer to leave it to us to manage content and campaigns.

To cover your bases, we recommend that you consider signing up for our service and maintenance package. The size of your package will be determined based on your requirements and will include a number of discounted service hours. This will save you money on any ongoing services and assistance you may need. Larger packages will include a degree of rollover.

Services beyond included hours are charged at a standard service rate.


A service and maintenance package provides assistance for

  • Web Page Updates
  • Product Updates
  • Price Updates
  • Bulk Product Uploads
  • Graphics Updates
  • Campaign Setup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Other Content Assistance

We can tailor a service and maintenance package specifically to your needs. Dedicated contingency planning outside of standard backup and availability can be included. For wholesale systems we can also include provision of support for your key account clients.