B2B Web Ordering Platforms


ComCloud provide secure, competitively-priced and customisable B2B web ordering platforms. 

Automate your manual sales and order processes for resource optimisations and improved efficiencies such as shorter delivery times and fewer errors and returns - all of which results in cost savings.
Custom features and designs
We configure your system in the way it best suits your business and internal processes. Integrate your new ordering platform and internal systems via an API.  
Special customer group pricing

Set a specific price, discount or shipping fee for a customer group that only they can see. Create volume-based pricing for contract customers. 

Accept online payments

Receive payments instantly. Options include Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Debit, a company account and many others. 24-hour ordering convenience. 

Full catalogue online

Increase awareness of your entire catalogue, provide better product information and real-time inventory status. 

B2B online ordering platform vs a Retail ecommerce site
A retail ecommerce system is designed to sell products but does not address a businesses unique internal order management processes. You want your online ordering system to enhance your current sales process and make it more efficient and drive greater cost-savings and profit. You also need your system to cater to the different customer groups and relationships you have by offering different pricing options or products as required. A retail site uses a one-size-fits-all model whereas a B2B platform needs to be far more customisable and grow with your business. 
Invest in Digital

Moving your order processes online is an investment in the future. A future where online automation and customer self-service is deeply integrated into all business processes.

A drive to web strategy is about re-engineering business processes to maximise efficiencies and reduce errors to the benefit of you and your customers. It is not just about short-term return on investment but about driving business growth now and future-proofing.

Benefits of automating your sales process
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased sales and greater profit
  • Improved efficiency and error reduction
  • Faster order management and fulfillment
  • Reach new customers outside of your geographical area
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better presentation of your entire catalogue
  • Real-time inventory status and customer payments
  • Increased online ordering hours for your customers.

If cost is a concern for your business, a web ordering system can be built in stages as your business grows. 

Stage 1

ComCloud can start you off with a stand-alone platform which facilitates automation of the ordering process through customer self-service. The platform gives your business the ability to set custom pricing, discounts, and volume-based pricing for individual customer groups. Receive instant payments from customers via credit card, Paypal or direct debit.

Stage 2

This stage would involve systems integration with your in-house ERP and CRM systems for order data, customer data, product and price data etc.Integrate your internal systems with your store via an API for maximum automation and internal efficiencies in your business. Free up time for your staff to focus their time on revenue generating activities. 

Stage 3

The next stage could be to expand the platform to support secured, distributed order registration for your sales reps. This would be ideal for businesses with travelling sales reps, or to ensure continuity planning for working from home. This would also have the potential to dramatically reduce training times, reduce errors and ensure operability through disaster recovery scenarios.

Bringing it all together

Digital commerce is achieved through integration between your data sources, your business, and your customers. ComCloud are your partners in helping bring this all together in one robust, professional and easy-to-use platform to support your commerce needs.

A secured B2B web ordering platform can also be extended to provide retail style e-commerce for standard products. 
Attract new contract customers or as an extension of established channels.